Friday, March 5, 2010

US Sexism in Colombia!

I found this in a bookstore, and had to take a photo of the back cover.  It's a book from the '80s by a "doctor and psychologist" named William F Hardley, and was originally published in Michigan.

The title translates as "What He Needs, What She Needs" and it's plugged as a book describing how to build an infidelity-proof marriage, but it reads more like a tutorial in 19th century gender roles.  The list section is my favorite.

She needs: affection.      He needs: sexual satisfaction.
She needs: conversation.      He needs: company in recreational activities.
She needs: honesty and openness.      He needs: an attractive wife.
She needs: economic support.      He needs: domestic support. 
She needs: family commitment.      He needs: admiration.

Thanks, Bill!

Granted, it's more than twenty years old, but this sort of list seems fifty years out of date, at least!  Here's the cover:

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  1. I'm not sure what the funniest/most depressing part of that list is, but I think it might be the juxtaposition of "honesty and openness" and "attractive wife"