Friday, March 5, 2010

US Sexism in Colombia!

I found this in a bookstore, and had to take a photo of the back cover.  It's a book from the '80s by a "doctor and psychologist" named William F Hardley, and was originally published in Michigan.

The title translates as "What He Needs, What She Needs" and it's plugged as a book describing how to build an infidelity-proof marriage, but it reads more like a tutorial in 19th century gender roles.  The list section is my favorite.

She needs: affection.      He needs: sexual satisfaction.
She needs: conversation.      He needs: company in recreational activities.
She needs: honesty and openness.      He needs: an attractive wife.
She needs: economic support.      He needs: domestic support. 
She needs: family commitment.      He needs: admiration.

Thanks, Bill!

Granted, it's more than twenty years old, but this sort of list seems fifty years out of date, at least!  Here's the cover:

Animals in the City Part III

These goats are gazing out of the bed of the truck at the dairy stand to the right which is selling the fruits of their lactic glands.

Plaza del Chorro

Here's a video of the action in the Plaza del Chorro in La Candelaria, near where I live.  It's a happening place!  Please overlook the not-exactly-steady camerawork...

Animals in the City Part II


Donkey on the street corner!  

That's all I have to say about this.